Sunday, December 1, 2013

Isaac's Story

Well....where do I even start.  Mike and I knew in 2011 while in China adopting Addie that we weren't done.  God had burndened our hearts for these children and we simply fell in love with the orphans of China.   If you would like to read about our journey to our daugher in 2011 our blog address is  Even though we knew deep down in our hearts we weren't done we never really discussed a second adoption until we were home a year and a half with Addie.  Addie's transition to our family was amazing and almost effortless if I were to be honest.  We have bonded in ways that I never imagined!

Late in 2012 we began really praying and seeking answers as to whether or not we were really suppose to adopt again.  I looked for every sign imaginable pointing to "yes", however, for every "yes" there were 100 no's or "what if's?"  Where will the money come from? What if we disrupt our happy family of 5? Will we have enough time for four kids? Can we finacially support four kids?  What kind of special need can we handle?  We even knew better than to ask these questions because we had just been apart of a miracle with Addie, however, our selfish human nature took over and we got cold feet for a couple of months.

During the time of our cold feet I "stumbled" upon a Facebook site for New Day Foster Home.  I don't believe in coincidences, but instead divine intervention from God.  Anyways we absolutely fell in love with a little guy by the name of "Michael" on their website.  Michael of course is my husband's name and this little guy also shared a birthday with my brother-in-law.  I adored his pictures, read his story and basically stalked Facebook & the New Day website for 3 months until I just couldn't take it anymore and I finally inquired about "Michael" thru our adoption agency in February.  Unfortunately, the agency had no luck in locating his file and there was no way to pursue adopting this little guy.  My heart was broken and my husband was disappointed, but reminded me that God's timing is perfect (even though it makes me crazy sometimes).  So I continued to watch the New Day Facebook site and I continued to pray for God's Will over my family.  When I say pray, I mean down on my knees pleading for Him to show us the right path to take.  I found myself to be a little angry during this time and not understanding what we were suppose to do. 

In April of 2013 we attended an Orphan Banquet and I was brought to tears by listening to one of the speakers talk about their adoption experience and the fact that there are millions of orphans and what a difference we can make to just one.  A few days after the banquet I felt a tug on my heart for "Michael" once more and emailed my agency one more time.  The email went like this:  I know we asked you about finding this little boy for us in February and you were unable to locate him on the shared list.  If you could please look one more time for "Michael" DOB 11/13/11 on our behalf....PLEASE.  We feel such a connection to this little guy and would love to be his family.  I know I am asking for a miracle but we serve a God that is awesome like that.  Can you please help us out? 

This email was sent at 1:48 pm and by 2:20 pm I received an email back stating "HE'S LOCKED FOR YOU!!  We need you to have your dossier submitted in 3 months.......

The rest is history and now we get to receive this precious boy into our family in just 7 days!!  Isaac Michael McCombs is a miracle and the staff at New Day are clearly the hands and feet of God and we give thanks for them everyday.  You can read Isaac's story on their website at

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  1. The God of all miracles never ceases to amaze me. May we stand in wonder of Him and his ways and know that HIS timing is perfect! God Bless you guys! So excited for you!