Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gotcha Day

Gotcha Day was Monday, December 9th in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China.  Isaac is from Bayannur, which is several hours away from Hohhot, however, all the adoptions for Inner Mongolia are completed in Hohhot.  We received Isaac at 3pm in the lobby of our hotel.  The orphanage director from Bayannur and a couple of nannies from New Day were with him.  He was one tired boy when he arrived because he had traveled around 6 hrs to Hohhot.  He came thru the doors in a bright red Superman shirt.  I thought to myself...how appropriate!  He is an extremely brave boy and Superman is quite appropriate!  He gave us a wave as he came thru the doors and then the tears started to fall as everything he had ever known was suddenly gone.  The tears were short lived as he cried himself to sleep from exhaustion.  Once we were back up to our room the tears came again for about 2 hrs, but they were mostly silent tears with a little tremble.  We just held him close, offered food, and watched Mickey Mouse Club House on the Ipad!  By the end of the evening he had gotten comfortable and would call out for mama or baba if one of us left his sight!  New Day did such a wonderful job preparing him for his family!  We all went to sleep about 9pm and he slept soundly in his crib until 6am.  I brought him to our bed at 6 am for an hour of cuddles and it was WONDERFUL!  He was made for our family and we are so blessed and privileged to get the opportunity to love this little guy!  We both needed each other in ways we didn't understand until now.  Tonight as I type this entry he is belly laughing with two of his sisters while wearing his baba's shoes around the hotel room.  God is faithful and let us never forget that!  Here are some more pictures of Gotcha Day!

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