Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China

We have spent the last two days completing adoption paperwork, site seeing and playing at the hotel.  Today we received Isaac's passport, so tomorrow evening we will fly to Guangzhou.  Hello sunshine and 70 degree weather!  We have enjoyed our time in Hohhot, but it is very cold and that makes staying out for long periods of time difficult. Today we visited the Inner Mongolia Museum and we were able to go inside a Chinese Pharmacy complete with all the herbal medicine you could ever imagine.   The city is rich with culture including the grasslands, Genghis Khan, yurts, and let's not forget the interesting food.  I almost feel like I am in the middle east as the chinese writing here has a middle eastern flare as well as the building designs.  It's definately very different from any other city we have been to in China.  Last night we were able to fellowship and have dinner with Hannah Samuels and her family.  Hannah cared for Isaac at New Day when he was very sick before and after his surgery.  She and her family were such a blessing to us last night by inviting us over for homemade kids have never been so glad to see pizza!!  We are grateful to Hannah and her family for their passion to care for the fatherless.  We will continue to pray for them as they get established in Hohhot.  Tonight we are venturing out to a hot pot where we will enjoy mutton.  The children will be oh so excited!  Isaac is really doing amazing.  I wasn't sure how the transition would go since he is two and Addie was 13 months, but the only difference is he already speaks some Chinese, but he also speaks a few English words and is very good with signs.  His favorite sign is "please" where he rubs his hand across his little belly....precious!Our guide here in Hohhot was also the guide for The Little Couple and Will and we are staying in the same hotel where they stayed!  Our guide's name is "Sandra" and she keeps telling us Isaac looks like a happy Buddha....I'm not really sure what to think about that?!? 

Here are some pictures of our time here in Hohhot:

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